Uninformed Opinion: Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions!

Sorry about the long wait for a post, i’ve(Doctor Wattson) have been on vacation and just recently got back. Binary has been busy with work. Expect more activity from us now.

So today new evolutions were announced for the upcoming Pokemon games X and Y. They are called “Mega Evolutions”. It looks like there will be some new system to evolving Pokemon further or something. 

The Pokemon they announced with this so far are: MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharo. Image

What do you guys think of the new “Super Saiyan Pokemon”? Do you like it? Do you hate it? I personally think it’ll be kinda cool. I wonder if they’ll be allowed for online PvP. I guess depends on the stats and whatnot which I don’t think have been released yet. Sound off in the comments on what you think!

To read more about this go here:http://serebii.net/index2.shtml

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