Monthly Update: July

Hey everyone! Enjoying the heat? Go anywhere nice for vacation? Play any good games? Well here are some updates for you!


1) Youtube: As the heat grows we’ll(hopefully) be stuck inside in nice cold homes playing games all day everyday recording and editing madly to get you guys the best videos we can!

2) Blog: We are trying to update more and bring more people on board to help out with all the video game information we find.

Happy gaming everyone and be sure to tell your friends and make those friends tell their friends and those guys tell their friends and so on and so forth. Be sure to follow us for more updates and check out the About Us to find out more about us(duh!).


Monthly Update: June

Hello everyone! Everyone having a good summer? Well rub some cream on your sunburn and read about our monthly updates!


1) Youtube: Some recording and testing of certain methods or recording, mainly on consoles, has been going on and there will be posts about that as more news develops

2) Blog: With E3 going on, we’re trying to become more active yet while still having many interruptions with our lives it is getting more of a pain

3) E3: With all the reveals that have been shown, expect to see some “uninformed opinions” coming up soon about a lot of them.

Happy gaming everyone and be sure to tell your friends and those friends of your friends about us and be sure to follow us!